Transforming Leaders

Transforming Leaders

Cocora clients increase productivity, agility, and engagement by working with our elite team of coaches.
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Executive Coaching Process

Session to understand needs, challenges and objectives. It includes the coach, coaches, and manager.
Evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,
and gaps for the coach.
Coaching sessions to support the coachee in meeting his/her development goals.
1-hour session with the coachee, coach, and manager. Provide feedback on the impact of the previous coaching sessions and agree on changes if needed.
Measure results and progress. Develop an action plan to ensure the coachee continues developing.

Build, Transform & Grow One Leader at a Time

Build a culture were growth and transformation are key pillars of performance. With Cocora your employees will work on strengthening their skills, behavior and mindset.
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I started working 1-1 with a coach and realized my team would benefit from coaching. Cocora has helped our team focus on key priorities, build mental fitness, and operate more effectively.

Heinz Sohm
CEO Blind Creator

Under the guidance of coach Lorena, I discovered a path of growth that has reshaped my perspective and empowered my aspirations. Lore exceeded my expectations by helping me gain clarity and become more deliberate in my career and life.

Santiago de Castro

Coach Federica helped me build my personal platform by aligning my values, strengths, and purpose with my actions and how I presented myself to the world. This allows me to have an impact in an authentic and deliberate way.

Isabella Orduz
Founder Puras Duras

You know you´re on the right track when you get to work with Cocora coach Sarah.

Francisco Jassir
CEO Farmu

I was navigating key personal and professional decisions when I came to Cocora. Coach Federica helped me reconnect with my values and purpose and become more strategic in my different businesses

Daniela Vaca